First things first,
AppsAware is a blog about creating awareness about apps that are unexplored, that are feature-worthy and deserve recognition be it on whatever front - features, design, problem-solvers, etc.
This does not mean that I am marketing those apps, the reviews are totally my personal views and judgements meaning that they could be biased.

Why this blog?
Sunday, 15 March 2020: That morning it suddenly struck me, why not start a blog on apps!
Since, I was and am, anyway very fond of trying out, giving feedback, opposing, applauding design languages, functionality, features, implementations, highlighting bugs, underlying concepts,etc  of different apps, I was pretty confident that I can very much be good at it!

Another thought that struck my mind, was that it is I who is aware of this (becaause I love spending time with tech and apps) while others are not and perhaps don't even want to; people do not have time for it!

So why not spread some awareness! - and make people react - "Oooohh!!!" or "Woahh!!!!" or "Even such thing exists??

You see now? the name of the blog now seems pretty obvious too!

In brief, what I intend to cover through AppsAware?
- Unexplored apps, underrated apps
- Apps which are real-life problem-solvers
- Nifty software features
- Also, apps which get the design game perfect!
- Ugh...Games? (well...probably, but again not the mainstream ones!)

(I am not done yet)

The blog has tags assigned to posts? Why?
Tags such as #Productivity #Features #Design #Games help in easy categorization of posts for both me as well as someone who is looking for something specific.

I guess I am out of words, so lets end it here!

Stay Aware, Stay Apply!

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