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Quick Settings - Making them more useful!

13 May 2020 was when I last published an app review, been a long time for me! Was busy in my studies and making some Instagram posts (check them out here)
Let's get started with the problem, or the solution I would say! Using Quick Settings has become a way of life (this is in fact an under-statement!)
(one of those factors which we often fail to appreciate!)
Listening to users back then, Google finally added the ability to edit those quick setting tiles and even made them open-sourced in Android 7.0! Meaning apart from adding, deleting and rearranging the default ones present, developers were free to add their own custom ones further leading to more user conveniences! Well developers did it in various ways, example...a tile for a new tweet or a new SMS (co-incidentally, the apps in those hyperlinks are of the same developer) and some even thought of having fun with it.
What's up with Quick Settings - The App, then? To summarize it before-hand,…

AMDroid - The most versatile Alarm Clock -aka- Customizable like Hell!

First of all, apologies for that empty card that you see above the title of this post (Now don't go to check it, its there! There is some weird issue that has cropped up which I am looking into!) ALSO, THIS IS  MY LONGEST EVER TITLE FOR AN ARTICLE!
So, after this informatory, lets get started...
Majority of you readers would be using your usual alarm clock with the same boring Snooze and Dismiss options and that rings at a certain point of time that you have set. While this is the most simplest implementation for an alarm clock, just tell me the number of times the average person has ever woken up just on dismissing the alarm clock at the first instance? (don't trust your instincts - 'sleepjunkie' has done some research on it!)
This is your brief look at AMDroid:
Look at those options (Middle)...Soooo Power User'y
Profiles are just the beginning (Left); Look at those frequency options! (Middle)
I don't know where to start from, the developer himself claims of it h…

Authy - For all your 2FA needs! [Updated]

[This post has been updated on 7 May 2020. Click here to navigate to the update]

I don't know if its due to my previous experiences or not, but I have this habit of giving, sort of a background before I hop onto things...same drill here too.

Ever wanted additional security for your accounts (please...not bank accounts!)? Fear giving even your mobile number to receive OTPs due to privacy concerns? You are at the right place then...there is a solution for you! Read on...
2FA = 2-Factor Authentication; an additional step after you put in your password before you login! In cyber-security language, there are 3 types of authentications -  - what you know (the usual passwords) - what you have (2FAs - OTPs, tokens, etc) - what you are (biometrics - most secure)
Well, biometrics being the most secure, practicably don't make sense, at least currently, to be implemented in each and every login service! 2FAs, hence, are the most convenient and secure means to further secure your accounts i.…