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AMDroid - The most versatile Alarm Clock -aka- Customizable like Hell!

First of all, apologies for that empty card that you see above the title of this post (Now don't go to check it, its there! There is some weird issue that has cropped up which I am looking into!) ALSO, THIS IS  MY LONGEST EVER TITLE FOR AN ARTICLE! So, after this informatory, lets get started... Majority of you readers would be using your usual alarm clock with the same boring Snooze and Dismiss options and that rings at a certain point of time that you have set. While this is the most simplest implementation for an alarm clock, just tell me the number of times the average person has ever woken up just on dismissing the alarm clock at the first instance? (don't trust your instincts - 'sleepjunkie' has done some research on it!) Just plain old This is your brief look at AMDroid: Look at those options (Middle) ...Soooo Power User'y Profiles are just the beginning (Left) ; Look at those frequency options! (Middle)