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FilterBox - Love your notifications again!

I bet you have been in this situation...
Start { - Notification arrives - *Swipe down gesture* - (Will get back to it later) - *Mistakenly dismissed that notification* - (Oh no! How will I remember it ever again now? I wish life had an undo button 😢)         } End
Do not fear, FilterBox is here. Read on...!
FilterBox is an app that logs all your notification received on your phone and lets you perform further actions surrounding them. But, wait Android already has a notification log? Yes! Accessible with some pain and looks like this, This is how things change here -  Apart from solving the first mentioned problem, the app has more things in store for us - making everyone get that 'power-user' feeling. Notification logging and ActionsGive the app the usual notifications access via settings (or else regret) and it will start logging all your notifications then on. Not only will it store your notifications but additionally also action on them as follows:
Open: Opens that notification's ap…

SMS Organizer - Pitch Perfect!

So, 2nd April 2019, saw the last day of Inbox by Gmail, perhaps Google's most ambitious project yet (of course, after Google Photos!). I (in fact, everyone who used it), loved the concept of email bundling (and how well Google's algorithms handled it!), high priority notifications, pinning and snoozing e-mails, saving articles, reminders, and a very colourful and playful UI! (Seriously, I miss the app every single day, there hasn't been a single app in the market until now which gets close to Inbox....) Anyways, the reason I gave this background of Inbox is because I've found this new 'Inbox' of SMS apps, right away coming from Microsoft's garage (No, seriously! The developers name themselves literally as Microsoft Garage!)
So, coming straight to the point, this is perhaps my best ever SMS experience ever since I've stepped into the smartphone world.
The features? - Long list, but lets break them down ....Here are my favourites OTP Recognition

'Pulse SMS…