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[Opinion] Whatsapp and Telegram - They Co-exist!

When Telegram first launched in 2013, it was really obvious for me to conclude that it was coming for Whatsapp. The developers being very active, kept on constantly adding new and useful features to their app. In fact, recently they just released a new video showing-off their 7-year journey of evolution! In 7 years, Telegram has grown to 400 million users and about as many features. Here’s a look back at some of the best updates (and memes) since 2013. — Telegram Messenger (@telegram) August 17, 2020 Whatsapp launched in 2009 as a paid service (Yes!!!) - $1 /  ₹50 per year (back then), then eventually in 2016, they made it completely free for everyone due to the growing number of users and users = data = totally worth it ! February 2014 was when Facebook acquired Whatsapp ( and even also the data inside!)  for $19b. Reiterating:  users = data  =  totally worth it  !

Authy - For all your 2FA needs! [Updated]

Source: [This post has been updated on 7 May 2020. Click here to navigate to the update] I don't know if its due to my previous experiences or not, but I have this habit of giving, sort of a background before I hop onto things...same drill here too. Ever wanted additional security for your accounts (please...not bank accounts!)? Fear giving even your mobile number to receive OTPs due to privacy concerns? You are at the right place then...there is a solution for you! Read on... 2FA = 2-Factor Authentication; an additional step after you put in your password before you login! In cyber-security language, there are 3 types of authentications -  - what you know (the usual passwords) - what you have (2FAs - OTPs, tokens, etc) - what you are (biometrics - most secure) Well, biometrics being the most secure, practicably don't make sense, at least currently, to be implemented in each and every login service! 2FAs, he