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Authy - For all your 2FA needs! [Updated]

Source: [This post has been updated on 7 May 2020. Click here to navigate to the update] I don't know if its due to my previous experiences or not, but I have this habit of giving, sort of a background before I hop onto things...same drill here too. Ever wanted additional security for your accounts (please...not bank accounts!)? Fear giving even your mobile number to receive OTPs due to privacy concerns? You are at the right place then...there is a solution for you! Read on... 2FA = 2-Factor Authentication; an additional step after you put in your password before you login! In cyber-security language, there are 3 types of authentications -  - what you know (the usual passwords) - what you have (2FAs - OTPs, tokens, etc) - what you are (biometrics - most secure) Well, biometrics being the most secure, practicably don't make sense, at least currently, to be implemented in each and every login service! 2FAs, he

Beta·Maniac - For the Impatient one!

I got Whatsapp's new dark mode at least 2 weeks before the official release, The popular email app (calling itself the 'Inbox by Gmail' alternative), Spark Email app introduced more dense mails and folder management which again I got 3 weeks before the official release, Even got Uber's new horizontal interface pretty much before it was officially announced and so on... The list can go on, but here is the point I am trying to put - I am Impatient, if something new (features / overhaul, etc) is announced considering the apps or even the software, I want to try it as fast as possible. So much impatient that I even opted for the beta testing versions for my Oneplus 3T's then upcoming software updates to OxygenOS 4-5 months before the official releases. I am not alone, there are a whole lot of people who have this FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) for apps / softwares. Beta Testing - How it works? So in Android, you open Google Play, search for any app and open

IFTTT - For the Smart Person!

(source: Ever wanted to get out of a boring meeting in between? Wanted that music video you saw to be added to your Spotify playlist? Ever wanted to text a person when you reach somewhere? Or your mobile WiFi to get turned on automatically when you reach home? IFTTT is your go to app, apart from the above it can do loads and loads of other things for you, if you want them to be done. The mankind is anyway lockdown'ed, this app can be good a tinkering tool for everyone to explore - how they can be more productive! Some Briefing IFTTT has been there in the market since 2014 now with a rating of 4.5 and 4.7 on Google Play and the App Store respectively with 5m+ installs, but still there are loads and loads of people out there who do not know whether such an app exists to ease their everyday lives! - That's why people like me exist. Functionality If at all anyone is following me on both Instagram and Twitter  (If no

Swiggy v/s Zomato - This one is all Design!

I have created this spin-off! Swiggy founded in 2014, Zomato in 2008; yet what's making this younger kido practically the only and toughest competitor to the big guy? This may not be wholly true but the USER EXPERIENCE (UX) has indeed played an important role in it's success (you know that's why I want to write this article). Even, Zomato aware of this has very well stepped up it's game app when it comes to UX and is not lagging behind. Let's hop on and start this showdown! Focus Plainly seeing, when it comes to searching for restaurants, Zomato is the one and only choice coming into our minds and yes Zomato was initially meant for it. Have a look: In March, 2015, Zomato also introduced online food delivery services, almost the same time when Swiggy's app landed. Now, Zomato's focus is as follows (at least the first focus) Doesn't seem obvious that things have changed? Anyway, point is, Zomato has changed p