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Solid Explorer - Beauty and the Beast

Image's been more than a month! my exams are over and I am finally back to reviews! This is one of the things that I like about android - the functionality to explore stored files like a directory...just like the Windows File Explorer! Android's default file explorer ('Files') has really evolved since its inception and is now better than ever in Android 10, but it has been only recently that it has reached to a level that I would call as 'usable' In 2016,  Neatbytes (dev) had deployed a huge overhaul to Solid Explorer which really caught my attention (UI things, you know!), coincidentally a few days after that, it was up for grabs ₹15 (roughly 2 cents) and it was a no-brainer for me and I grabbed it! It is 2020 now and I am still stuck with it for all the good on! Design, micro-interactions, etc. I can't start this review without the thing that is prima facie visibl

Quick Settings - Making them more useful!

13 May 2020 was when I last published an app review, been a long time for me! Was busy in my studies and making some Instagram posts (check them out here ) Let's get started with the problem, or the solution I would say! Using Quick Settings has become a way of life (this is in fact an under-statement!) (one of those factors which we often fail to appreciate!) Listening to users back then, Google finally added the ability to edit those quick setting tiles and even made them open-sourced in Android 7.0! Meaning apart from adding, deleting and rearranging the default ones present, developers were free to add their own custom ones further leading to more user conveniences! Well developers did it in various ways, example...a tile for a new tweet or a new SMS  ( co-incidentally, the apps in those hyperlinks are of the same developer) and some even thought of having fun with it. What's up with Quick Settings - The App, then? To summar