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So, 2nd April 2019, saw the last day of Inbox by Gmail, perhaps Google's most ambitious project yet (of course, after Google Photos!). I (in fact, everyone who used it), loved the concept of email bundling (and how well Google's algorithms handled it!), high priority notifications, pinning and snoozing e-mails, saving articles, reminders, and a very colourful and playful UI! (Seriously, I miss the app every single day, there hasn't been a single app in the market until now which gets close to Inbox....)
Anyways, the reason I gave this background of Inbox is because I've found this new 'Inbox' of SMS apps, right away coming from Microsoft's garage (No, seriously! The developers name themselves literally as Microsoft Garage!)

This is how it looks normally
So, coming straight to the point, this is perhaps my best ever SMS experience ever since I've stepped into the smartphone world.

The features? - Long list, but lets break them down ....Here are my favourites

OTP Recognition

'Pulse SMS' introduced this feature (I guess, 1.5 years back), but it was a hit or miss; coming to this app, I don't know what magic Microsoft has put in here but the OTP recogniser of the app nails it...each and every time.
So to give a context for those who aren't aware......when a SMS with an OTP arrives, the app simply throws you the notification with OTP in giant fonts (So your eyes aren't looking for that 4/6/8 digit code here and there) alongwith the nifty 'Copy' and 'Delete' (who wants to keep those OTPs, right?) notification actionables. This feature has seriously spoilt me for good and are perhaps even preventing me from uninstalling this app (will come to it later)


So categories are front and centre on this app which are as follows:
  • Messages - Self explanatory, I suppose
    • Personal - messages from / to your contacts / maybe even unknown numbers
    • Transactions - Bank alerts, OTPs, Wallet utilisations, and related updates
    • Promotions - Your usual spam of you winning the lottery, discounts, etc.
    • Starred - Similar to Inbox's pinning feature, all your starred SMSs appear here
  • Reminders - for any follow up that might be required on any SMSs (similar to snoozing)
    • Oh, one more thing; this section will even track your packages for you, It will detect SMSs of 'placed orders' and display dynamic cards where one can track the shipment and copy the tracking numbers

  • Finance - A separate tab for you to keep track of your Bank accounts, balances, and even prepaid wallets (eg: Amazon Pay), basically messages from 'Transactions' are systematically presented like a Debit / Credit statement
  • Offers - All the promotional messages are clubbed here with good categorization and filters and a nifty 'Copy Code' button alongside each offer
Basically, all checkboxes for a good user experience have been ticked-off


So as mentioned, all the offers messages received are clubbed here, and the app also throws some of its own offers curated from maybe some external links. Also, if enabled, the app even displays a notification when you open some other app, an offer of which you might have received!
Say, you want to book an Uber and hence open the app, SMS organizer will instantly notify that you had received a coupon code earlier which entitled you a 50% off on the next 2 rides (with an actionable to copy the code!). Dope.


First things first - this app comes with dark mode (Yay!)
By customisation, I mean the the way one uses the app and not the look and feel.
One can schedule SMSs (so you do not forget to wish your friend on his /her birthday), automatically back them up on Google Drive on defined frequencies, change swiping behaviours (like which portion will scroll when you swipe to switch tabs), setting timelines for auto deleting messages (Boy, this even has a seperate option for setting the frequency for OTPs πŸ˜†), deep notification channels integration (meaning granular level of control over the notifications you receive).
Last but not the least....the categorization of messages can be changed from one to other, if you feel something's not right (I don't think you will ever use it though, but still it is there)

What I did not like?

I mentioned earlier about 'preventing from uninstalling', It’s the design that I do not enjoy much. So, on a personal note, I am a fan of Google's Material Design and the animations and the way things appear on screen (the GUI, in short). SMS Organizer does have bottom bars, but the app's UI really doesn't have that feel which I look for (Luke Klinker's Pulse SMS, is the one I enjoy using in terms of UI). I mean look at other apps such as Google Photos, Relay for Reddit, FilterBox, and obviously, Inbox by Gmail (Deprecated). Basically, the Material design guidelines haven't been fully adhered to and that's why I want to uninstall the app but can't because the app's usefulness has spoilt me.

Microsoft, if you are reading this, the only thing I need is a UI overhaul...

So (sans the above line) as mentioned before, in my opinion, this app is indeed my 'Inbox' dream of SMS come true. Looking at you Google! (¬_¬ )

Oh, the most important thing, Here's the download link ;)

Get it on Google Play

(Android, Free - SMS Organizer)

So, please let me know in the comments section, your thoughts on the app and any SMS apps which y'all are aware of and which are good!

Stay Aware, Stay Appy!


  1. Well written bro! Like to see you've written what you're passionate about. Will personally use this app and figure if it's as helpful as you've mentioned.

  2. Superb!!

    It's very useful πŸ‘

    1. Thanks... The comment seems ambiguous though- is it the article useful or the app! πŸ™ˆπŸ˜πŸ˜

  3. Nice review and very knowledgeable. Great review broπŸ‘πŸ‘

  4. Very well written broπŸ‘

  5. Great Sir, Nice and Detailed review . Shall surely give it a try at once .

  6. Very informative Prajjwal!
    Will look up for this space for more tech updates. Pls push notifications whenever you post something new.

  7. I'm certainly a lot more aware now and your idea behind this blog post is well-put. Looking forward for more content.

  8. Here is my query..

    1. OTP copy and paste feature...does that work on banking otps such as while paying through credit cards ?

    If it does, while I would be so much excited, not gonna lie, would also panic at the same time for any security issues.

    If it doesnt, how is this different from enabling sms reading permission on many of those apps that require authentication.

    1. 1. That can a hit or miss, since there apps/websites that allow copy-paste, while some don't. But I don't see any risk as such in pasting the OTP that you've received on your device using while you're using it....-risk comes when an OTP comes and your aren't aware of you initiating such transaction.....

      2. Again, there are that lack SMS this comes in handy
      Also, consider a scenario where your using your PC/laptop for some work... OTP arrives in your phone.... easy on your eyes for not looking for the OTP here and there....the app displays it like a banner!

    2. I have a query in the above context, it is OK to copy or paste an OTP,
      In the context of our phones being hacked or chances of app hacking data on phone and sending OTP details to initiate illegal transaction, WATS ur take on this

    3. While Android / iOS are very much secure, hacking data and sharing your OTPs take place just because of sheer negligence, that's why one sees n-number of advisories from banks, MFs, government authorities, etc. for not sharing confidential data with anyone. Still we hear cases of people getting duped, hacked, etc. Why? because they either share their passwords, share OTPs, and fall in a trap to earn money. To summarize, YOUR negligence is the only key for someone to access YOU!

  9. Congratulations prajwal(b) !!!!
    Tough this being ur first blog of appsaware, u have nailed it perfectly with positives of the app, it was very well explained, seems like I have to download the app to Chk out the features ur really explained in details,
    Like every coin has two sides, u have also given the negative aspects also, but since I feel ur in love with the app, so the app doesn't appear in shades though u have challenged the google, that he is nailed down by Microsoft in aspect except User interface comparing all peers app of similar concept.
    Very well explained keep it up,
    Keep doing for some app, will like to study ur reviews before downloading.

    1. Really thanks, that you liked it! 😊


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